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Magnesium chloride’s numerous advantages (for example binding, hygroscopic and soluble properties) make MagnaPro liquid magnesium chloride a preferred input in a variety of industrial and manufacturing settings. Derived from the waters of the Great Salt Lake in Utah, MagnaPro magnesium chloride is produced through solar evaporation, the oldest and most energy-efficient method of mineral extraction, and its liquid formula makes it convenient for any of its uses.

MagnaPro and struvite phosphorus recovery

Magnesium chloride plays an indispensable role in the formation of struvite crystals for phosphorus recovery, which allows phosphorus to be preserved and recycled. It benefits our customers’ environmental stewardship initiatives as an integral part of wastewater treatment, and is the first choice for implementing a more sustainable struvite phosphorus recovery process.

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Highly pure magnesium chloride product

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Derived via solar evaporation

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Used for cement production, animal nutrition, mining and more

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A necessary material in struvite phosphorus recovery

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Creates a more sustainable struvite phosphorus recovery process

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Liquid formulation for convenient use

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