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Liquid magnesium chloride for all your industrial needs.

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Liquid magnesium chloride for all your industrial needs.

Uses and industries served

MagnaPro magnesium chloride is ideal for a number of industrial applications. It is perfectly suited for use in struvite phosphorus recovery programs, and is also integral in cement production, animal feed and nutrition, mining and more.

50,000 acres of ponds

At the Compass Minerals location in Ogden, Utah, saline waters are drawn from the Great Salt Lake into shallow evaporation ponds to produce salt, sulfate of potash and magnesium chloride. Some of this magnesium chloride is used to create our MagnaPro product.

Our commitment to the environment

Compass Minerals is proud to help keep people safe, feed the world and enrich lives every day through the responsible transformation of Earth’s natural resources. MagnaPro industrial-use magnesium chloride is just one of our many products that we strive to produce in an environmentally responsible manner, making it the ideal addition to your industrial processes.